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Harvard Depository: Container Supply Order Form


Library clients are to use this form to order new storage cartons (Paige boxes) or media transfer containers (plastic shipping bins). Please fill out the form and click on the Submit Request button. You will receive e-mail acknowledgement of your order. For further information on ordering containers and other supplies, please refer to the Transferring Media to the Depository section of the User Guide and click on the Obtaining Transfer-Related Supplies link. If you need any assistance with your order, call 508-481-3224, ext 15.

This form is not for use by University records storage clients. To submit retrieval orders, records clients must contact the Records Management Services of the Harvard University Archives.

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Client Information

Storage Box Order

(Dimensions of this box are: 15" L × 12" W × 10" H)

Media Transfer Container Order

(Dimensions of this shipping container are: 18" L × 13-1/2" W × 9-1/2" H)