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Harvard Depository: Media Pickup Request Form


Library clients are to use this form to request media pickups (new transfers and files). If you need to transfer both new items and refile items, please submit a separate request for each. HD staff will respond via e-mail to all requests. Transfers of fewer than 30 boxes will be completed within three business days. Large transfers (in excess of 30 boxes) may be assigned to an outside mover and will be scheduled for pickup within seven business days.

For further information on transferring new materials to the Depository, please refer to the Transferring Media to the Depository section of the Library User Guide. For further information on returning library refile items to the Depository, please refer to the Returning Media to Storage section of the User Guide.

This form is not for use by University records storage clients. To arrange media pickups, records clients must contact the Records Management Services of the Harvard University Archives.

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