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Pforzheimer Fellows

We are fortunate to have funding once again from Carl H. Pforzheimer III to sponsor five Harvard graduate students in the humanities and social sciences for Pforzheimer Fellowships in the Harvard Library this summer.




About the Program

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The Harvard Library’s Pforzheimer Fellowships provide an opportunity for graduate students in the Faculty of Arts and Sciences to learn about possible careers in libraries and to discover new ways in which they could provide long-term benefits for the world of learning, while also enhancing their own research skills by getting to know a great library from the inside. These fellowships are intended to honor Carl H. Pforzheimer III for his generous contributions to Harvard and its libraries.

The Pforzheimer Fellowships, now in their fifth year, will run this year from June 1 through July 31, 2018. A small committee, chaired by Carl H. Pforzheimer University Professor Ann Blair, will administer the program and with input from the Harvard Library, select the five Fellows. Each 2018 Pforzheimer Fellow will be granted a stipend of $5,000.

The deadline for applications for the fellowships is now March 19, 2018.

The Pforzheimer Fellows will work closely with skilled librarians and archivists in order to provide expertise on specific projects while learning about the kinds of careers that are now opening up in libraries. Twenty-first-century librarianship engages with some of the liveliest areas of intellectual activity—open access, distance learning, online publishing, innovative collection-building, collaboration across disciplinary and national boundaries, copyright and the management of intellectual property...the list grows longer every year. Yet most graduate students have little idea of the exciting professional opportunities available in libraries.

During the two-month fellowships, the Pforzheimer Fellows will be assigned a mentor from the Library and will work on important projects under the mentor's supervision. While getting to know librarians and librarianship firsthand, they will be expected to assume responsibility for independent projects. At the end of the summer, the fellows will be asked to submit a final report of this work describing and evaluating their experiences. Fellows will also participate in discussions with each other about their experiences.

Any graduate student in the humanities and social sciences who has been enrolled at Harvard from one to five years may apply. Please review the Library Project Proposals, Summer 2018 section of this page to consider the range of internships being proposed for this summer. To apply, please follow the instructions in the How to Apply section below


How to Apply

Any graduate student in the humanities and social sciences who has been enrolled at Harvard from one to five years may apply for a Pforzheimer Fellowship in the Harvard Library, Summer 2018.

Please first review the range of internships being proposed for this summer listed as Library Project Proposals, Summer 2018 on this website.

To apply use our online application.

In addition, please ask two people with whom you have worked while at Harvard (one of whom must be a Harvard faculty member) to send a letter of support to

Deadline: All the materials must be received by March 19, 2018.



Practical questions concerning the application process should be addressed to Hannah Blakeman at

More general, academic questions concerning the program may be addressed to Professor Ann Blair (, who is chairing the selection committee.