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Staff Section

Find information on Human Resources, Finance, Project Management, Operations, and other news for staff.


Human Resources




Program Management

  • The Programs, Projects and Operations team exists to ensure potential projects and approved projects are managed in a considered, predictable and transparent way.

    A basic toolkit, which is designed to be tailored to the needs on an initiative, is provided to help people get started with operational change projects, and new technology related projects here. (password protected).

    Programs and projects are undertaken to ensure the Harvard Library delivers useful and innovative changes to users of the library and the people who work in them. The team focuses on five areas of activity: 

    1. Aligning programs and projects with the foundational and transformational strategies of the Library and taking on the right sets of work at the right times.
    2. Getting the job done – through disciplined use of simple tools we ensure projects are managed and reported on to accomplish the goals of a project and to ensure project partners are well informed throughout.
    3. Promoting project management excellence – by paying attention to the methods used and the competence needed to deliver on projects well and promoting the training and experiences needed by staff.
    4. Learning – by ensuring project debriefing sessions take place at key milestone points and ensuring lessons learned are widely shareable.
    5. Decision-making – Providing the information necessary for governance groups to make well informed decisions.

    For additional information, please contact the Library Programs and Projects team:

    Ceilyn Boyd, Senior Project Manager
    Cathy Conroy, Head of Library Operations and Special Projects


Professional Development



  • The Operations department oversees the day-to-day office administration of the Harvard Library organization. This includes working with organizations like HUIT (for computers and telecom), Harvard Real Estate Services, and others to plan, implement, and maintain systems and processes that ensure that the Harvard Library runs smoothly. Please contact Naomi Handler ( or 617-495-8415) for help with any Harvard Library computer, printer, scanner, software, phone, or specialty equipment requests.



Staff Mailing Lists

  • All staff should be subscribed to the HLComms mailing list. Other lists are optional.

    For most lists, see How to Subscribe for instructions.


    HLComms is the primary discussion list of the Harvard Library. Subscription is limited to current employees of the Harvard Library system. Any HLComms subscriber can contribute library-related information by e-mailing content to The list of subscribers is maintained by the Harvard Library communications office ( New employees should contact their human resources representative to ensure they are added to HLComms. (This is a CAlists tool.)

    Collection Development

    The coldev list is a Harvard-only information-sharing list for library staff with an interest in collection development. To subscribe, visit A moderator will confirm your request within 24 hours.(This is a Berkman Center mailing list.)


    The eresinfo list is a Harvard-only information-sharing list for library staff with an interest in electronic resources. General communication, questions and information-sharing of all sorts are welcome and appropriate. Vendor communications and updates will also be posted regularly to this list. See also ERESINFO message archive (Harvard access only).


    The HarvardPhoto list provides an opportunity for an informal exchange of information on a variety of subjects relating to photography at Harvard and elsewhere. The listerv is directed to a wide community of individuals including curators, librarians, collection managers, conservators, cataloguers, digital project managers, photographers, and public service librarians. See also HarvardPhoto message archive (Harvard access only).


    The goal of the HLcat list is to foster communication and information exchange among catalogers of the Harvard Library system. It also functions as an official conduit for disseminating cataloging policy, whether local or national. The HLcat list is a forum where catalogers can discuss cataloging-related topics and where one may seek advice from colleagues when encountering specific cataloging problems.To subscribe, visit the HLcat web page. (This is an FAS mailing list tool.)

    HL Linked Data Discussion
    HL-linked-data-discussion is currently used for internal communication between Harvard Library staff engaged in learning about linked data through courses or projects. It’s intended for extremely informal peer support: asking questions (“What exactly does this button do in Oxygen?”), discussing projects (“Check out this graph visualization”), exploring tools and resources (“What’s your preferred tool for running SPARQL queries?”), troubleshooting (“Is DBpedia down or is it just me?”), and other discussions to facilitate learning and work between colleagues. Subscription requests are approved by the list owners. To subscribe visit:

    Macro Express

    The Macro Express Users' Group (MUG) is a Harvard-only electronic discussion list used for dissemination of Macro Express related information to the Harvard Library community. Subscription is limited to Harvard Library staff members. See also MUG message archive (Harvard access only).

    Manuscripts and Archives

    The Manuscripts and Archives Discussion List (MADL) is open to anyone within the Harvard community interested in the area of archives and manuscripts. This is a forum for questions and information-sharing related to archival practices, including finding aid encoding practices. It is also used to disseminate information related to the shared central systems OASIS and Archivists' Toolkit. See also MADL message archive (Harvard access only).

    Metadata Standards

    The goal of the Metadata Standards list is to foster communication and information exchange among Harvard staff and faculty interested in all forms of metadata creation, both MARC and non-MARC, in the Harvard Library system. It also functions as a conduit for disseminating metadata policy, whether local or national. The Metadata Standards list is a forum where  discussions relating to metadata topics can occur and where one may seek advice from colleagues when encountering metadata-related problems. Any subscriber can contribute library-related information by e-mailing content to (This is a Central Administration mailing list tool.) To subscribe, visit

    WAX Users

    The WAX list (wax-users) is for dissemination of information to the Harvard Library community on the subject of the Web Archive Collection Service (WAX). Subscription is limited to Harvard Library staff members. See also wax-users message archive (Harvard access only).

    Reserves Users

    The Reserves Users discussion list (called reserves-users) is open to anyone in the Harvard community involved in the support of course reserves, and especially those participating in the Reserves List Service. This list is used by Library Technology Services (LTS) to disseminate information about Reserves List Service operations but is also a forum for asking practical questions about any reserves support practice. See also the reserves-users message archive (Harvard access only).

    RTL Community

    Share tough questions, identify expertise and language skills, announce new services, suggest new resources. Interested in research, teaching and learning in Harvard Libraries? Join the conversation! To subscribe, visit:


    The Special Collections and Archives List (SPARC-L) is sponsored by the Special Collections and Archives Council.  It is open to anyone within the Harvard community working with or with an interest in subjects related to special collections and archives. To have your name added to the list, please contact Monique Duhaime at Houghton Library (

    Inactive Lists

    • Digital Collections Update
    • HAUG (Harvard Aleph user group)
    • HUCIRC (Circulation Affinity Group)
    • HU-ILL (HU ILL Affinity Group)
    • HU-Preservation
    • LIB-DM (Data Management)
    • RefGroup (Reference Affinity Group)
    • librarystaffchat

    How to Subscribe

    Unless noted otherwise, use the instructions below to subscribe or unsubscribe to a list. For the exceptions (HLComms, HLCat, and libstaffchat) refer to the instructions provided in that list's description.

    To subscribe, send an email to with the following in the body of the email:

    subscribe listname

    To unsubscribe, send an email to with the following in the body of the email:

    unsubscribe listname