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Library Stacks Request Form

About This Form


This form may be used by Harvard Library Information & Technical Services staff located at 625 Mass. Ave. only to request materials from any Harvard Direct Loaning Library for work-related problem solving. Completing this form will result in the title being pulled from the stacks and delivered to 625, charged to the pseudopatron associated with the work unit you identify below.

After supplying the required information, use the Submit Form button at the bottom to generate your request.

If you have an "information request", where you need specific information from the piece but do not need the piece delivered to 625, please use the Scan & Deliver service.

If you only need confirmation of whether the title is on the shelf, use one of the following 2 options:

  • If the title is shelved at Widener or Lamont, email to ask for confirmation of whether the title is on the shelf.
    • Please use the subject line, "625 request: need confirmation of title on shelf, do not need piece"
    • You will receive an email back confirming whether the title is on the shelf or not.
  • If the title is shelved at any other library, please use the Scan & Deliver service.
    • If you receive a scan, the title is on the shelf.
    • If you do not receive a scan, the title is not on the shelf; it will be marked as missing and will continue to be searched following usual Access Services protocols.

If the book cannot be located for delivery to 625, the hold request will be deleted and a notification email will be received in the USDAP unit, who will forward the email to the original requester.

Anticipated turnaround time is 1-2 business days. If particularly large sets are requested, please indicate in a Comment that delivery may be staggered over multiple days to accommodate the limits of the campus couriers.


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