Outgoing Loans

On this page, library staff performing registrarial functions will find information to facilitate lending objects to other institutions for exhibition or research purposes. Please note that this information does not apply to outgoing ILL, Borrow Direct, etc.


External institutions and other campus locations often submit requests to borrow collections from Harvard libraries. Requests of this nature require careful consideration so that the risk of damage to collections from transport and display is minimized. The Risk Financing and Insurance department should be consulted to ensure adherence to their policies.

Guidelines for Processing Outgoing Loans & Recommended Timelines, as well as detailed information about specific points of consideration and standard forms, should be used in the outgoing loan process. The
links below are organized chronologically so that the instructions and forms will correspond to the recommended timelines for outgoing loans. Adherence to the timelines enables library staff to responsibly address other simultaneous library priorities.

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