Emergency Response

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Library Collections Emergency Team

The Library Collections Emergency Team (LCET) is on call 24 hours a day to provide advice and assistance during and in the immediate aftermath of emergencies that threaten or affect Harvard Library collections.



  • 24-hour advisory assistance by cell phone (617) 240-2500 in emergencies involving library collections
  • Direct assistance with response and salvage in cases involving more materials than can be recovered by the local library staff or other complicating factors
  • Access to library-owned freeze-drying equipment (limited capacity is available)
  • Recommendations for commercial disaster recovery services
  • Coordination of services with University Operations Center
  • Emergency preparedness, planning, and response information
  • Training workshops


The Team


Full-time conservators and preservation librarians in Preservation Services in the Harvard Library.


Priscilla Anderson, Senior Preservation Librarian, Weissman Preservation Center, Harvard Library
Lauren Telepak, Collections Conservator, Collections Care, Harvard Library

Harvard Emergency Response Procedures

Response Procedures for Others

Emergency Response Bibliography