Schedule a Consultation

Archivists and records managers at the Harvard University Archives work closely with faculty, staff, students, alumni and other donors to identify materials of research interest to preserve. Not all papers and records fall within collecting scope, but the University Archives is interested in wide range of material documenting the University and the people who work, study and reside in its ever-changing environment. 

Why schedule a consultation?

The research value of historical materials may be diminished if items are removed or rearranged, so clients and donors are encouraged to contact the Archives before discarding or rearranging materials.   Archives staff members work with clients and donors to identify historically significant materials and prepare them for transfer to the Archives.  Staff also provides guidance on preservation of paper, visual and electronic media.

After working with donors and clients to identify materials appropriate for preservation, staff will make arrangements to have the papers or records transported to the University Archives.

When to schedule a consultation?

Although many people may choose to contact the Archives when they are moving or retiring, it is important to be in touch earlier to ensure enough time to work through the many details in a reasonable timeframe. 

At certain times of the year (spring and summer, in particular) Archives staff are often fully scheduled several weeks in advance due to numerous retirements and office moves.  Please bear this in mind when choosing to contact the Archives for assistance with materials.

How do I schedule a consultation?

Faculty, alumni and others interested in speaking with an archivist about donating materials to the Archives should contact the Collection Development department at or call 617-384-7786.

Administrators and staff interested in transferring records to the University Archives should contact our Records Management department for guidance and consultation at or call 617-495-5961.